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Problem: Find a way to more effectively narrow down the wide range of goods in a visual and intuitive way. This page has high opportunity, high traffic but also a high exit rate.

Solution: Borrowing from the “narrow by” functionality of TVs “shop by screen size” the simple solution was to use curated on-figure model shots focusing on dress styles



  • Created several different looks on the path of finding the most elegant and effective solution
  • A/B test the narrow by navigation against a traditional hero image with links baked in
  • Educated the online merchant with analytic results of the A/B test
  • Applied a similar narrow by banner to several other high income generating categories



  • A/B test revealed a 16% increase in conversion in the dress shop
  • Set a trend to test this type of narrow by banner in other categories to replicate results







Women's Dresses_ winner

Replicated Banners on Hardline pages

Narrowby_dishwashers_banner_V3 Narrowby_dryers_banner_V4 Narrowby_ranges_banner_v4 Narrowby_vacuums_bannerV4 Narrowby_washers_banner_v3